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Why Tiv Harahit?

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What sets us apart?

Since we are Anglos who have gone through the aliyah process,, we can understand and relate to the hardships Olim are going through. We do the most possible to help them get great quailty and a sympathetic ear without their paying exorbitant prices as some stores charge. We try to give them discounts as we understand the financial strain Olim are often under.

Services we offer:

We often go to the home of the client and help them measure accurately for closets and
We often go to the home of the client and help them measure accurately for closets and book cases, and sit with them planning out their furnishings that things will look great and flow without over crowding. It is a service we offer free whenever someone needs several closets and isn’t sure of the sizes. We often arrange to accept the delivery for  a client overseas who is coming and wants to arrive to a home completely set up for him….

And most important….integrity.

We are Orthodox Jews, who believe in honesty and integrity. We are also very careful to follow Halacha regarding business.
 We work very hard to make sure to explain the positive and negative points of each decision. not letting someone order something we think won’t suit their needs without explaining all the aspects.
I cialis 20mg just stopped a woman from ordering head boards from fabric when I learned she is living in a building site, that would be full of dust from other new building for at least two years, and instead offered her leatherette headboards. She was very happy when we pointed it out, and so was her husband , who has allergies….