Sliding Door Closets

All type of sliding door closets, can be custom sized and styled to suit your needs. Excellent quality tracks with  silent slow closing mechanism to protect fingers.

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2 reviews for Sliding Door Closets

  1. Leah Ruth singer

    I’m looking for a large closet. I’m allergic to dust; so, d need either a closet up to the ceiling or low enough that I can dust on a regular basis without needing a step ladder.
    Thank you!
    Have a joyful and kosher Pesach.

  2. B

    Hi, I am praying closets and beds. I need the quotes for a foam mattress that is good for support of those with back issues. I also meed prices for bed frames and storage units under the bed with the frame. We are looking for a queen sized bed or a KING size bed.

    Thank you

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